The Pre-TOEFL Test Score Has Been Published

June 12, 2008 at 2:47 pm | Posted in Curhat | 1 Comment
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Aahhh….., It’s been quite a long time I didn’t post in English. Now I try to write in English.

I want to tell you about The Pre-TOEFL Test that has been held in my campus three days ago. Actually, my friend Alisyah has posted about it in his blog (wrote in Bahasa). And, I agree with him that the test was ruined. There are many interferences during the test. Such the bad quality of cd used on listening test. The sound often skipped and we can’t hear clearly about what the speakers talking about are. The worst situation from the listening test is when we must repeat listening to the conversation but there is no sound at all. Meanwhile there is a question that we must answer in the answer sheet based on re-listen the statement. Damn! those things make my concentration broken. But finally, our instructor made that question as a bonus 🙂 .

Another interference happened when we do the reading section. The reading material paper that we used is so bad. Since it is a photocopy, not originally printed, so the text on the paper can’t be seen clearly. We can’t see the highlighted text, it just coloured blackish. Meanwhile, the questions are based on the highlighted text. The instructor understand what problem we are faced. So, she manually tell to us what the highlighted text is, and we write down what she said. Honestly, for me it’s so disturbing.

When the test is over, I felt little angry, and I don’t expect too much about the result. I just wondering, what if the interferences are happen again when the real TOEFL test being held next Monday? I hope it’ll never, since the real TOEFL test is managed under professional institution, if I’m not mistaken it is from North Sumatera University (USU).

Surprisingly, last night the Pre-TOEFL test score has been published in the academic website. Quickly I open the website and see my score. Apparently, the score is just a forecast. It’s calculated based on the formula from the ‘Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test’ book. The score divide into two, Lowest Score and Highest score. I’ve got 483 for the lowest and 507 for the highest. Hmmm…. I don’t know whether it’s good score or not. But I think it’s a quite good score for me. Oh ya, just for information, it is my first TOEFL test. I’ve never take any TOEFL test before, but I take English courses since I was in 4th grade in my school. From the several tests in my English course, it have similarity with the TOEFL test so it’s not so surprising anymore for me.

That’s all. I must prepare for the real TOEFL test conduct on next Monday. I hope I can improve my score as predicted before. Wish me luck! 😉


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