Stress Symptoms

November 18, 2008 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Curhat | 5 Comments

If the following situations happen to you:

  • Sweating palm
  • Faster heart rate (in normal condition 60-100 bpm)
  • Paranoid
  • Want to bang your head to wall (maybe this is extreme example)
  • Always feel unlucky in everything you see, you feel, and you do

Congratulations! You are being stressed. It happened to me yesterday.

And how to handle it? Maybe you can try my way.

I choose to sleep, while on the way to the office :). Because I know, I am in stressed and I don’t want that stress conquer my mind. Also, always think positive, try to smile. I thought I can’t passed my problem yesterday. It seems like yesterday is the end of my life. But the reality is, now I am still here. Still the same me. I can passed it.

When I wake from my way to the office, I feel a little better. My palm stop sweating, my heart rate come back to normal.



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  1. sleep??? ooh yeeahhh…

    it’s a gud idea….


  2. lom pernah stress ne bang…gimana dong??(nah lo??)

  3. stress ??
    santai aja 😀

  4. bah…
    my heart is beating-beating sekarang nar??
    jadi aq perlu tidur ya??

  5. ha..ha..ha..

    klo aku sich klo stress makan yang banyak nar,
    hilang dah tuh strees

    btw loe kok tambah cool aja ya?


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