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April 21, 2008 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Fun | 3 Comments
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Here are answers about the homework that Okta gave to me:

1. I’m passionate about
Computer and anything that have relationship with that. e.g: Programming, Networking, Hardware, Software, etc;
Girl……….., he..he.. 😀 ;

2. Words I say most
Hah…? ;
Apa…? ;
That’s because my ears have some hearing problem…. (he..heh.. just kidding)

3. The book that I’ve finished to read
Kisah Sukses Google (Indonesian Version of Google Success Story);
Kambing Jantan (really funny books written by Raditya Dika);

4 Before I die, I want to….
be a good husband for my wife, be a great father for my children, be an awesome grandfather for my grandchildren :);
be a son that my parents can be proud of;
have a contribution to my country, doesn’t matter how little it is;
be a good servant in HIS eyes;

5 I love listening to….
All of The Beatles Songs (They are great great band ever…);
Acoustic Alchemy;
Norah Jones;
Batak music 🙂 ;

6 What does my friends like from me…..
easy going;
don’t speak & act too much;
I like to share my small knowledges to the others;

7 What I’ve learned last year…..
It’s difficult to take the responsibility of being a leader;
I can beat my very big fear to do the most crazy thing in my life 🙂 . Though the result might be not as good as we expected. The important thing is I can make a decision for difficult things;

Yes, I’ve finished it. So, what is the result Okta? he..he..

Anyway, I don’t give the name list in the end of the homework, because I want to break the chain. But, if you get interested to do this homework, please, just do it yourself as long as you like. Cheers.


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  1. ajiip…dikerjain juga akhirnya 😉
    ntar dinilai yak !!!

  2. “The important thing is I can make a decision for difficult things” Thats such a good decision bro.. It will improve your brave to do the same thing or more difficult in the future 🙂

  3. @ Okta Sihotang:
    kasih nilai yang bagus yak! 😀

    @ glorialimbong:
    yup, I think the road ahead is still long and have more obstacles that I’ve must passed

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