The People Who Inspired Me

December 7, 2007 at 12:31 am | Posted in Curhat | Leave a comment

These are the people who inspired me:

1. Pope John Paul II
Why he inspired me? Because of his character that still forgive and apologize the shooter at the trial of his murder. I can’t imagine if I’m in his position, can I forgive the person that made me near to death? Even, Pope John Paul II went to the jail and talked each other and then declare that he and the shooter as a friends. It’s very touch my heart and makes me to always forgive the others’ mistake that they’ve done to me.

2. Budi Rahardjo
He inspired me from his writings at his blog ( You know that Mr. Budi Rahardjo is a famous person in Indonesia, especially in Information Technology. We can learn and know about his personalities from his blog, although he is a (very) busy person, he still has a time to post at least one topic in his blog. His passion to blog is awesome, he tells us about anything. When he plays band, he tells it, when he gives a lecture, he tells it, when he buy new books, listen to the song, give seminar, eat food, work, visit her daughter in Singapore, etc, he tells all of them. And also, he always learn and open to every knowledge. He is a lecturer, he is also an enterprenuer, and he is band player, and he want to be a writer (novellist I guess). He is such a success man, and he told us the keys: hardwork, consistency, and focus on your job. My way is still long…

3. Mauritz Panggabean
No, he isn’t famous like the last two person. He is only my lecturer in my campus, but now he is in Netherland taking his Master degree. Just like Budi Rahardjo, he inspired me from his passion and spirit in life. When he teach, he has enthusiasm that makes us feel happy and enjoy his lecture. He is also a motivator, when he is as my supervisor in First Year Project, he always gave us spirit, idea, and motivation to us. He gave an appreciation when we do our task in good manner, but he also criticize us when we late to make our weekly report to him. We don’t hate him, because we realized that what he did to us because he is care about us. Although he is far away from me, I can still see about his thoughts in his blog ( He never stop to learn. He like to socialize with the other and share the idea of him and see a problem with different point of view. I proud to have a lecturer like him and being lectured by him.

Actually, there are the other person that inspired me in my life, maybe if I have time I will added later. To have an inspiring person is important, we can learn about his/her personalities, what make he/she to be like that, and then apply it into our life. Maybe someday, we can follow his/her pace and we can inspired another people.


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