Smallville Television Series

November 18, 2007 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I’ve finished to watch this interesting series until season 3. Now I started to watch the next season (season 4). Maybe, some of you ever watch Smallville in local television in Indonesia couple years ago (if I’m not mistaken, it was broadcasted in SCTV), but the broadcaster didn’t continue this series.

Fortunately, my lecturer (Mr. Gandhi) here has a generous heart to share all of the season, start from season 1 until season 6. It’s not a weirdness that he download all of the season because he is a fan of Smallville too (esp. Lana Lang I guess), he..he.. In my first year, I’ve seen his personal website and there is a link consist of images of Smallville actresses and actors.

The story is very interesting. It’s all about the teenage life of Clark Kent before he fulfills his destiny as a Superman. So many things that we can see and learn from this series. Such as love between Clark and Lana, but in the other hand Chloe has the same feeling to Clark but he can’t accept it. We know that in the end of story, Clark will be married with Lois Lane (she appeared first time in the 4th season). And we can see the Clark’s family life, just like a normal family that has conflict on it but I think it’s more complex because Clark want to be a normal person.

And the rest is just like any other heroes story. There’s always a villain in every episode, and Clark will always win the battle. Except to his life-time villain, Lex Luthor. From the first season until third, they are a close friend and Lex is not revealed his bad side yet. But Lex always has a passion to know the secret of Clark Kent, sometimes he cooperate with his father, Lionel Luthor.

In USA, the seventh season is currently running, and the rumor said that it’ll be the last season of Smallville series because I saw in the internet the last episode is titled Superman. Can’t wait to get the end of the series, 😀

Smallville portal : (you can get all of the information about Smallville there.)


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  1. Bang bisa share gak video smallville season 3? Trims
    Best Regards,

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