Back To Reality

August 20, 2007 at 1:00 am | Posted in Curhat | 2 Comments

After spending almost 1.5 months in Tangerang for vacation, 2 days ago I came back to my hometown, here in Pematang Siantar. It was a great vacation there, meet some old friends and family and being together with them is enough to fulfill my desire after 1 year I don’t meet them. I also feel terrible with the bad quality of air in Jakarta and other cities that surrounds it. It’s enough for me (and my lungs) to breath the air pollution that come from vehicles such as bis kota, metro mini, kopaja, and of course the legendary public transportation in Jakarta which is Bajaj.

The situation is very different here (in Pematang Siantar and Laguboti), because every morning I feel so comfortable with the fresh air and cold temperature and I can breath as much as I can with free feeling. You know that my campus is located about 1000m above the sea surface so it’s categorized in cold area. And about 2 weeks ahead I will face the reality again, sit in front of PC, play with code and do some projects, also do same activities everyday. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun (and boring also :D).

IT is my life……..



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  1. T_T
    pengeeeeeen balik nih….
    JKT emang bener2 da rusak….bukan cuma udara yg luar biasa kotornya…tp kriminalnya juga bener2 luar biasa 😥
    What a horrible jakarta……

  2. inggrismu, euy.. bikin iri..

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