Friendster’s New Look.

May 25, 2006 at 6:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Tonight I open Friendster, and I do a little bit surprised. Friendster take a change of its homepage. Well, the first time I see the layout, It’s good. The layout is become more simpler and the align of the homepage is make in the center. Although the layout it become more simpler, but the homepage provide full information, almost of the menu is shown in the homepage.
Actually there are some added in the homepage. Just like fan section and blogs and review section. The fan section is not a big problem for me although I don’t interested enough for it, because I even don’t know the people and I think that the person in that section is want to be a fan from someone. Now we go the blogs and review section. Hmm…let me tell you, I like to post in a blog, and sometimes I like to read someone’s blog. But the new post shown in this section is not come from my own friends and my network, and maybe I will not often to use this section. I don’t like it enough.
OK, this my review about Friendster new look. In overall, I pretty like the new layout, give salute to the designer. Thanks for Friendster. And I’m sure the new look will make me more comfortable to browse the site. I hope the Friendster team can hold it.


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